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Better Health with Functional Medicine

Discover the root cause of your ailments from a modern, holistic approach to health with Dr. Hagmeyer.

How It Works

Better Health Starts Today

Expertise in problem analysis to the root, providing solutions and performing treatments, and regaining a healthy life for you is our goal.

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Get Started

Schedule your consultation, 90% of

patients figure out their chronic health

problems after a 15 minutes consultation.

Work Together

During the consultation, Dr. Hagmeyer will assess your health situation holistically. Then, your wellness program will be specifically tailored to solve your health issues and concerns and even evolve as your health and wellness goals grow.

Get Healthy

Create progress and return
to a healthy life. Get yourself back to
work, family, and doing what you love.

Our Approach

We Believe In Asking Why

Instead of managing disease or masking the symptoms with more and more medications, Dr Hagmeyer (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner) implements the principles of lifestyle and Functional Medicine. Why Are You sick? Why have You plateaued? Why are your not getting better? We need to search for the “WHY” and we all have a different “WHY”

Traditional medicine doesn’t usually ask WHY, Fails at focusing in on the root cause and has become a cookie cutter approach for most chronic health problems.

At our approach is Very Different. We believe it can be life changing for many. We call it the BIG picture and it’s about the “WHY”.

We understand that there are many layers to Health. Hormones, Toxicity, Gut Health, Vitamin and Nutritional status, Stress, environmental toxins, infections to name just a few.


Conditions We Help

Functional Medicine Gets to The Root Cause. Let's Find out Your Root Cause!

Nutritional Deficiencies


Food Sensitivities or Food Allergies

Adrenal Glands

Thyroid Hormones

Sex Hormones

Gut Health/Microbiome

Stealth infections



Sleep Problems

Mental Well Being

Our Testimonial

Hear How Our Patients Got Their Lives Back

Wellness Blog

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Creating health doesn't have to be a guessing game!

Our Team will help you harness your health so you can trust your body and feel like YOU again. We can help find your Root Cause.