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10 Steps To Supporting Your Thyroid Naturally| Dr. Hagmeyer

10 Steps To Supporting Your Thyroid Naturally.

For many of the men and woman with thyroid disorders, we work and consult with, the most concerning symptoms often complained about is Brain Fog, Weight gain despite diet and exercise and fatigue.


We hear more about the connection between thyroid and weight gain or thyroid and fatigue than any other symptom of low thyroid. What you may not know is that problems with the thyroid will influence so much more.


This is why the symptoms of thyroid disorders range from A to Z. These are just of the additional symptoms woman we consult with often suffer with; brain fog, difficulty focusing and attention, depressed moods, anxiety, headaches, sensitivities to food constipation, poor skin, hives, weak and brittle nails, heart palpitations and hormone imbalances. As you can see poor thyroid function can influence many parts of your body.


Many of the men and woman we consult with, often fall into one of three categories. Many have been diagnosed with thyroid disease, are receiving treatment but don’t feel much better. They still suffer with many of the symptoms we just talked about.


Some men and women have subclinical hypothyroidism. What this means is that they have all the symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroid) but their TSH ranges and T4 levels are in the so called “Normal” range. The problem for many of these men and woman comes down to what we call normal lab ranges” what is a normal lab range? The standard ranges for TSH and T4 are nothing more than averages of sick people who also have thyroid problems. You may not be as sick as those individuals who are further along with their thyroid disorder. But you still have a very real problem, since your body is displaying these symptoms.


The last category of men and woman we work with have an undiagnosed autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis This occurs when the immune system attacks the thyroid tissue and destroys it over weeks, months, and years.


For many of these individuals, they are still receiving thyroid hormones but nothing is being done to identify the triggers (see diagram below) of their autoimmune disease.


Recent research is showing that Hashimoto’s is the number one cause of low thyroid or hypothyroidism. If you think you may Hashimoto’s, you can read “What every patient should know about Hashimoto’s”  here or read my article “One of the most Harmful things you could ever do to your Thyroid”


Many men and woman who are already taking a prescription for an underactive thyroid, don’t realize that simply taking Thyroid Hormones like Synthroid, Levothyroxine, Armour, Cytomel still fails to address the many causes behind thyroid dysfunction.


Here’s 10 steps on how you can minimize and reverse thyroid symptoms, while supporting your thyroid as well as your overall health.


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The 10 Steps To Optimizing and Supporting Your Thyroid Function.


1- Identify problems related to the barriers of the Gut (see our video here) and here


2- Identify inflammation and Support the Immune System Inflammation your Thyroids worst enemy and Glutathione why your Thyroid needs it


3- Identify any problems related to blood sugar dys-regulation (see our video here) Learn How Low Blood Sugar Sabotages Healthy Thyroid Function


4- Identify specific Micronutrient, vitamin, anti-oxidant imbalances (watch Dr. Hagmeyers video here)


5- Identify and eradicate hidden infections, parasites, (Watch Dr. Hagmeyers Video Here)


6- Identify Hormonal imbalances related to the adrenal glands. 8 Dietary Changes needed to Support Your Thyroid and Adrenals  , 10 Steps To Optimizing Fertility when you have low Thyroid


7- Identify specific foods that you have sensitivities too. (see how Gluten causes problems), Cross Reactive Foods Gluten and CornMilk , Gluteomorphins and Casomorphins, Nuts Beans and Seeds


8- Identify hormonal imbalances related to the male and female steroid hormone.  (See Video here)


9- Support detoxification and liver function. (see our Video here)


10- Support the Hypothalamus, Neurological system and neurotransmitters. (see our Video here)




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