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Adrenal Cortisol Testing- Why The Cortisol Salivary Test Is Critical
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Health conditions this test is used to assess

Saliva hormone tests can uncover biochemical imbalances that can be underlying causes of such conditions as chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes, depression, insomnia, and many other chronic conditions.

What does this test involve?

The test involves simply spitting into a test tube. Cortisol is measured four times – in the morning (8 AM), noon, evening (4 PM) and night (best between 11 PM and midnight). Other steroid hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, DHEAS and testosterone can be measured along with cortisol in the 8 AM saliva sample, if desired. You carry the test tubes with you during the day (they easily fit into a pocket or purse) so they are handy when it’s time to give a saliva sample. Immediate refrigeration is not necessary. Once the sample set is complete, you mail the tubes back to the lab for analysis in the mailing envelop that is included with the test kit. Both you and and Dr Hagmeyer will receive copies of the results, usually within 2 weeks.

Is saliva testing for hormones reliable?

Yes, saliva tests are reliable indicators of the levels of all steroid hormones (cortisol, DHEAS and all sex steroids) in your body. However just as with blood tests, some labs are more reliable than others – especially for sex steroids, like estrogens. In fact, saliva cortisol testing is covered by Plan B medicare. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO), recognize saliva cortisol testing as being very accurate.

How can I get this test done and Start Feeling Better?

Dr Hagmeyer Free Phone Consult

Click on the link below and fill out the appropiate form. Someone from my office will contact you within 24 hours of our normal business day.

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