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Don’t Let IBS Ruin Your Holiday Fun

Irritable bowel syndrome can turn your planned family fun time into something of a nightmare if left untreated. IBS is an internal disorder that affects the functionality of the body’s GI tract. The GI tract is where food is ingested through the mouth, travels through a series of hollow organs where it is further digested, and then exits the body.

Symptoms of IBS
The most prevalent symptoms of IBS include pain or irritation in your abdomen as well as changes in your bowel habits. Both symptoms are accompanied with many undesirable consequences such as diarrhea, constipation, passing stools too often or too little per day and whitish mucus visible in your stool.

Symptoms will vary among people because of differences in biochemistry, diet and exercise regimens.  People will often experience IBS symptoms after eating a meal. Women often experience greater IBS symptoms during their menstrual periods.

What Causes IBS and Treatment Plans
Dr. Hagmeyer’s practice offers IBS care for patients experiencing this frustrating internal disorder. Our Naperville office will first diagnose the cause(s) of your IBS to help select and refine the most effective treatment plan. Many conditions may be causing your IBS like brain-to-gut signal problems, colon muscle problems, infections, etc. During your visit, Dr. Hagmeyer will swiftly identify the cause of your IBS and develop a tailored treatment plan that fits your needs.

You should be enjoying the holiday cheer – not walking through the day in discomfort and fear. Our Naperville Institute for Neuro Metabolic Solutions has the IBS care you need.

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