Green Ginger Cucumber Super Juice

Green Ginger Cucumber Juice

This juicer recipe is one of the simplest and quickest to make. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, strengthens the immune system and can be used to help reduce blood pressure. Cucumber is known to be good for the skin, hair and nails. Celery also contains high levels of potassium which contributes to healthy skin. The high water content of this juice drink also makes it a great way to hydrate your body and keep your skin healthy.



  1. Simply wash the cucumber and celery and cut the cucumber into pieces that will fit into your juicers feeding chamber.
  2. Peel the Garlic and Remove the skin from the root ginger.
  3. Feed the Ginger and garlic through the juicer in between pieces of celery.

Recipe by Dr. Hagmeyer at