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Free IBS Seminar | Dr. Hagmeyer

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  • Do you continue to suffer from IBS symptoms like diarrhea, horrible abdominal pain and bloating?
  • Are your lab values “normal” but you still feel terrible?
  • Do you have a chronic digestive disorder that’s not being addressed?
  • Do you think something is missing and more can be done?

Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions IBS Clinic is offering a revolutionary new IBS treatment approach that addresses the SOURCE of your digestive problem using advanced lab measurements and a comprehensive functional approach! Give me 1 hour and I promise I’ll deliver the answers you need!

Dear IBS Sufferer,


There is ONE food source that could be the root of your IBS disorder! Dr. Hagmeyer has identified Ten Keys that have enabled him to help patients who have suffered with IBS their entire life. Identifying and correcting these Ten Keys not only result in improved gastrointestinal function but many other symptomatic improvements in a patient’s health!

If you have struggled to get relief of your IBS symptoms then this FREE 60 Minute IBS Seminar can help you get your life back!



  1. A description of “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” and treatments that most of the time… just don’t work.
  2. Dr. Hagmeyer’s 10 Keys to reversing your IBS symptoms and how to feel better than ever!
  3. Why so many health care professionals fail to help IBS sufferers.
  4. Why medications will never cure you, and why they don’t get to the underlying cause.
  5. Why the vitamins and supplements you are taking may be making you worse.
  6. Why eating this ONE food source could be at the root of your problem; or at the very least, be a big factor in why you haven’t yet healed from your IBS.
  7. Why your blood tests are considered “normal” even though you feel awful, and your symptoms continue to persist.



WARNING: Space is limited at our seminars. Our last 3 seminars were SOLD OUT. This is a FREE event, but RSVP is required!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn information that can change your life.
Claim your seat now!


All seminars will be held at our convenient Naperville, IL location.
Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions
1020 104th Street Ste 100
Naperville, IL 60564