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Nutritional Consultation

Our goal is to help you experience the quality of life you deserve.

We believe you can feel better than your old self and we can help

do that through our functional nutrition program!


The Problem

Are you overwhelmed by all the dietary approaches out there?

       If you have a chronic health problem then you already know that dietary changes, exercise, minimizing stress, are all important steps to regaining your health. You probably also know that you need to make some big dietary changes as one of the first steps. For many people these dietary changes can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. Where do you start? what do you eat? Are you overwhelmed by all the options and diets? SCD, low fodmap, Keto, Gluten free, Paleo, AIP, etc, etc Let My Certified Functional Nutritionists help design a functional nutrition program tailored to your needs.


       Functional Nutrition is an emerging new specialty within the field of nutrition. Food is much more than calorie counting or carb counting. Functional Nutrition is the science behind optimizing and individuals diet based on their lifestyle and sometimes their health challenges. Just as Functional Medicine approaches the body from the perspective of treating the root cause of disease, Functional Nutrition looks at how foods affects your body at the cellular level.

Our Solution

Help you to implementing nutritional treatment plan!

       Working with a functional nutritionist can help you be most effective at implementing your nutritional treatment plan, avoiding common pitfalls, & optimizing your health outcomes. With your own personal nutritionist, you will be able to:

  1. Utilize the most effective sngle or multi-layered (combination) therapeutic diets
  2. Simplify the implementation of complex, layered food plans into a single, personalized plan to follow
  3. Ensure that the plan is nutritious and do-able, that restaurants and favorite snacks are included, as possible
  4. Request menu plans and recipes that match your own food preferences, cooking style and ability, equipment, and lifestyle
  5. Identify what roadblocks are getting in the way of your success and gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation to overcome them
  6. Assistance with dietary expansion after the therapeutic stage is complete
  7. Regular contact and support. Your nutritionist walks your journey with you!

Package 1

Initial Functional Nutrition Consultation 45-60 minutes



Package 2

Additional Visits/Follow Up visits



Package 3

Optimal Nutritional Program



Package 4

7 Day Food Diary Assessment and Consult



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Nutritional Consultation Package

  1. You will be receive an email with our our new client Nutritional Consultation Assessment Forms.
  2. Print up all forms and submit completed paperwork back to our office via email. [email protected]
  3. Once your forms have been received and reviewed, you will be emailed several options for avaialability on your initial 60 minute consultation.
  4. All Nutritional consultations are done over the phone. If you live out of state or out of the country- No problem. We currently work with patients out of state and International.
  5. You will be called or emailed a confirmation
  • Discover the root cause problems that are keeping you sick
  • Uncover the hidden stressors in your body
  • Troubleshoot common problems like gut infections, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances and liver toxicity
  • Look at your body holistically, instead of just chasing symptoms
  • Customize your diet
  • Learn to understand the systems of the body and how to take control of your own health
  • Work with an experienced nutritionist who has experience in developing dietary recommendations for people suffering with chronic digestive problems, hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, blood sugar, Depression, and autoimmune disease.
  • Are committed to restoring their health to 100% function
  • Want to learn more about their body so that they can take control of their own health and healing long term
  • Are willing to make the necessary changes and investment required to improve their health
  • Have tried other approaches, conventional or otherwise, that haven’t worked
  • Are happy to be dependent on medications or very restrictive diets for life to control their digestive symptoms
  • Feel that making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes are too inconvenient or impossible for them
  • Want a quick fix or magic pill to solve their health problems
  • Aren’t prepared to take responsibility for their own health and healing

Creating health doesn't have to be a guessing game!

Our Team will help you harness your health so you can trust your body and feel like YOU again. We can help find your Root Cause.