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Predictive Antibody Screening- Cyrex Labs-What is it and Who should Get This Test


Price: $425 (urine)

Oxidative Stress Urine Analysis 2.0 | 

The Oxidative Stress Analysis 2.0 is a urine test that looks into two oxidative tissue damage markers, the lipid peroxides, and 8-OHdG. Oxidative stress determines many common chronic diseases and balance is crucial for slowing or stopping degenerative processes. The Oxidative Stress Analysis 2.0 can indicate the need for dietary and/or lifestyle modification which can help minimize further oxidative damage.

What’s Being Tested:

  • Lipid Peroxides
  • 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG)


Fasting: See instructions

Specimen: Urine, Genova Home Test Kit 

Turnaround Time: 21-23 Business Days