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a set of five gluten free grains (sorghum, teff, amaranth,brown rice and quinoa) - top view of leaf shape bowl against grunge, painted wood

Gluten Cross Reactivity Testing And Consult




GLUTEN-FREE, BUT NOT SYMPTOM-FREE? (You Could Be A Gluten Cross Reactor)


Understanding Gluten Cross Reactivity and Why Testing For It Could Be The Answers You Are Searching For.

Have you ever followed a gluten-free diet only to have mediocre results? When you first started your gluten-free diet you probably thought you’d found the holy grail, and soon you’d be experiencing the amazing benefits you’d heard about – but you wound up disappointed and frustrated instead. The devil is in the details, and in this case, the devil is in a little thing called cross-reactivity. This is essentially where your immune system identifies other non-gluten proteins as the enemy because they’re similar enough to gluten in molecular structure.


  • Identify additional dietary proteins to which the Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive (NCGS) or Celiac Disease (CD) patient is sensitized
  • Detect cross-reactions in the patient non-responsive on a gluten-free diet
  • Categorize the 1-in-2 NCGS or CD patient who is also sensitive to dairy products

Recommended for Patients Who

  • Have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac disease
  • Are experiencing limited improvements or are non-responsive on a gluten-free diet
  • Have gut dysbiosis, which appears to be resistant to standard therapy


What does this Include

  1. Testing Kit
  2. Consult with Dr Hagmeyer
  3. Blood draw fee if being done at one of our approved labs

Antigens Tested

Rye, Barley, Spelt, Polish Wheat IgG + IgA Combined
Cow’s Milk IgG + IgA Combined
Alpha-Casein & Beta-Casein IgG + IgA Combined
Casomorphin IgG + IgA Combined
Milk Butyrophilin IgG + IgA Combined
Whey Protein IgG + IgA Combined
Chocolate (Milk) IgG + IgA Combined
Oats IgG + IgA Combined
Yeast IgG + IgA Combined
Coffee IgG + IgA Combined
Sesame IgG + IgA Combined
Buckwheat IgG + IgA Combined
Sorghum IgG + IgA Combined
Millet IgG + IgA Combined
Hemp IgG + IgA Combined
Amaranth IgG + IgA Combined
Quinoa IgG + IgA Combined
Tapioca IgG + IgA Combined
Teff IgG + IgA Combined
Soy IgG + IgA Combined
Egg IgG + IgA Combined
Corn IgG + IgA Combined
Rice IgG + IgA Combined
Potato IgG + IgA Combined