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1-on-1 Nutrition & Health Coaching With Testing

1-on-1 Nutrition & Health Coaching With Testing 7
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Get individualized 1-on-1 help with a functional medicine health & nutrition coach trained by Dr. Hagmeyer.

If you have a chronic health problem then you already know that dietary changes, exercise, minimizing stress, balancing hormones and detoxing your liver are all important steps to regaining your health.

You know that you need to make some big life changes but you don’t know where to start or which area of your health needs priority. Do you work on detoxification, or the gut first? Do you work on hormones or adrenals? Do you start with a leaky gut repair protocol or address the infection caused by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth?

Is this you?…… Have you tried different kinds of diets such as SCD, Low FODMAP, Paleo, AI Paleo, Vegan, ketogenic etc without the success you were hoping for?

Because these diets can be restrictive of many micronutrients, (if done incorrectly) you could be doing more harm than good.

ALL of these questions are critical to the outcome and success of your treatment plan, If you don’t correct these areas in the correct order- You may wind up spending money on supplements and doctors you don’t need.

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Dr Hagmeyer’s Health coaches can help you navigate through the mistakes commonly made when following these diets on your own?

Do you know which foods can flare up an autoimmune diseases?

Do you have the experience to balance your diet to account for nutritional and hormone imbalances?

The point is – navigating these areas of health can be almost impossible on your own. I know because every day we have patients who have been trying to fix their problems on their own and in the meantime- they have made themselves worse.

That’s why I have decided to create the one on one nutrition and health coaching program for patients who are unable to work directly with me.

All of my health coaches and certified nutritionists have been selected and hand-picked by me and have worked side by side with me for 12 months or longer.

Having a health coach who actually UNDERSTANDS these conditions, understands my BIG picture approach and the way I think when it comes to working with chronic conditions.

Advanced hormone and thyroid protocols designed to balance hormones, help you lose weight, Increase energy, ditch the brain fog and boost thyroid function.You can see the results patients who have worked with us below:  

Video Testimonials

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Here’s how a health coach trained by Dr. Hagmeyer can help YOU:

    1. Help put you on the right direction with your diet – How many carbs should you eat? How much protein? How much fat is too much? Should you eat low carb if you have adrenal problems? Will nightshades increase your antibody levels? Will the ketogenic diet help with weight loss? The right dietary advice is crucial for success and unless you have an understanding of all of these components, fixing your diet can be very difficult.
    2. Help With stubborn Weight Loss Resistance– If you find yourself spending hours every week on the treadmill, and you are not losing weight- you are weight loss resistant. Weight loss will be impossible unless you know which hormones are causing problems. The key to long lasting and sustained weight loss is putting together all of the jig saw puzzle pieces that many other doctors may have missed. Most doctors simply look at levels of hormone and then prescribe what you are low in. There is so much more to hormone balance than this. Whoever you work with needs to understand the hormone dance and why hormones are low in the first place.
    3. Natural Thyroid Support – This is a complicated topic. With many patterns of Thyroid dysfunction- which pattern is showing up on your blood work?
      • Are you over converting T4 to T3,
      • Do you have Thyroid resistance?
      • Do you have Thyroid under conversion?
      • Are you autoimmune?
      • Is your Thyroid really the problem or are your hormones off from other problems such as gut inflammation, infection, high reverse T3, High Cortisol, Neuro-inflammation, etc
      • Are you being overmedicated with Thyroid hormones?
      • Which nutrients can take stress off your thyroid so it can function properly?

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  1. Hormones Optimization for Weight loss, Stamina and Energy – While your thyroid is a key piece and player when it comes to metabolism, you can’t forget about the hormone dance. The hormone dance is the complex interaction of all the hormones in your body. The interaction of blood sugar (Glucose), Cortisol, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone. All of these hormones need to be balanced and “in sync” for you to experience metabolic harmony.
  2. Repair and Re-vitalize your GI function – Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. After years of antibiotics, birth control pills, medications, stress, poor diet, pregnancy, hormone imbalances- our guts take a beating- Bacterial overgrowth, parasites, Candida, H.pylori and dysbiosis are all potential key pieces holding you back from experiencing a better you.
  3. Guide you in ordering and understanding your lab results and what they mean. Your lab tests are critical piece to understanding the “Big picture”. Like a big jig saw puzzle, each piece fits together collectively coming together to form the BIG picture. With 17 years of experience and certified in Functional Medicine- Dr Hagmeyer will be able to help oversee your progress.
  4. Help guide you in using the RIGHT supplements and nutrients – before you can drink from the straw you may need to drink from the fire hydrant. For some of us the reason why we have not improved with dietary changes is because we simply are not getting enough nutrients. Sometime the problem is the quality of supplements we are taking or the dosage of supplements that you are taking. Supplements will be a required and necessary step to a complete your healing program. Dr Hagmeyer will determine and customize your supplement protocol based on your individual test results.
  5. Help You Master Your Metabolism – So many patients have a damaged metabolism from years of Yo-Yo dieting and years of untreated hormone or metabolic imbalances. If you don’t fix or stabilize your metabolism you will never lose weight and keep it off.
  6. Help Reduce and balance your stress levels –If you have been battling any kind of health problem, you can bet your adrenal glands are involved. High or Low Cortisol can be disastrous for balancing hormones, correcting thyroid imbalances, mastering metabolism. The end result is a person who symptom of brain fog, depression, hair loss, anxiety, Insomnia, poor hair, skin, nails. As part of the Fight- Flight response, Cortisol can affect your quality of sleep, blood sugar stability, Inflammation, Sex hormones and even gut lining and mucosal repair. Reducing and managing your stress hormones is essential to improving your energy, stamina and metabolism.

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4 Month 1-on 1 Health and Nutrition Coaching Program​If you are tired of feeling sick and tired- Don’t waste your precious time and energy or the best years of your life while you feel sick and terrible. How would your life be different if you were healthier?

Nothing is more valuable than your health and the one thing you can’t turn back is time.

One more thing….. This program is designed to take you on a very individualized health journey. Our Certified Nutritionists/Health coaches will hold your hand every step of the way.

Are You Finally Ready To Take Control Of Your Health And Experience The Life You Deserve?

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What’s Included In Your 4 Month-1-on-1 Health & Nutrition Coaching

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h protocol

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Get your Health back NOW.

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What happens after you purchase?

​You will receive a detailed welcome email which includes all of the information to get started.

You will be emailed the new client paperwork, 7 day food journal and metabolic assessment forms. This will help give your Certified Nutritionist/health coach a better understanding of your current diet and struggles.

Once we receive the new client paperwork- your testing will be ordered. Within a few days, your test kits will be shipped along with your requisition for blood work. Some clients will have a combination of saliva, urine and blood

Once our office has received your test results, Dr. Hagmeyer will discuss those results with one of his trained Certified Nutritionists/Health Coach. This will all be done prior to your first visit. Test results take approximately 3-4 weeks

Our Health coaches/Certified Nutritionists will then create a customized treatment plan for you which will be reviewed by Dr. Hagmeyer to ensure you are on the right track.

Your Health coach/Nutritionist and Dr Hagmeyer will communicate with each other about your case as necessary after each visit, but all visits will be with your functional health coach/Nutritionist.
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Frequently Asked QuestionsWho will I be consulting with?

All of your visits will be with one of Dr Hagmeyer’s trained Health coaches or Nutritionist. Dr Hagmeyer has hand selected these individuals and has worked with them for several years.

Do I still need a Doctor if I use this program?

Yes, you should maintain care with your PCP and/or current provider. This program is designed to work with or without physician assistance. ​

What kind of Food/Dietary Plan Will You recommend?

This is a great question but depends on the results of your testing. We may incorporate any one of following Ketogenic diet, AIP, Macro based diet, SCD, Paleo based diet, low FODMAP diet, etc.)

Will this program work for me?

We sure expect it to! We have yet to have a patient that didn’t improve in our program, but like anything in life we cannot guarantee results.

We can assure you that we use the most advanced treatment guidelines available and we put you front and center in the treatment plans.

Our treatment plans require effort, energy and consistency on your part.  Are you coachable? Are you willing to make changes and get well? If you answered yes then we expect great thing for your future health.

Note: Please do not sign up if you are not 100% committed to your health. You will need to make changes and sometimes changes are uncomfortable.

Will Dr. Hagmeyer treat me if I use this program?

All of your visits will be with the certified Nutritionist/Health coach. Dr Hagmeyer personally reviews your lab tests, determines necessary supplements and determines the direction of treatment but this program does not offer 1-on-1 help with Dr. Hagmeyer.

If you are interested in working one on one with Dr Hagmeyer, you can view Dr Hagmeyers Signature Program.

*Please note that this program does not include prescription medications, blood draw fees, retesting, or supplements. These are not included in your 4 month program.  

​How do I get labs and are they included in the price?

You will be given a comprehensive lab requisition that you will bring to Quest laboratories on the day you are to have your blood drawn.

This will be a fasting test– so make sure you don’t drink or eat prior to test. These tests are included in the price of Dr Hagmeyer’s 1-on-1 Nutritional and Health Coaching program. These tests are offered at a substantial Cash Discount that will save you thousands of dollars. For this reason, we are unable to supply you or your insurance company with CPT or diagnosis codes.

Are supplements included in the program?

Depends on how serious your deficiencies are. Some deficiencies can be addressed by diet alone, however in some cases, diet will not be enough. Patients will experience faster improvements in their health with the use of supplements prescribed by Dr Hagmeyer. They are not included in the price. ​

What if I live out of state?

No problem. We have created this program for people who live out of state. If you live out of the country please indicate this as labs done outside the USA are handled a bit differently.

Is this program refundable?

The program is non-refundable once our office has ordered your testing or you have had your first appointment. Prior to that you can get a full refund for your purchase. ​

​Can you guarantee that this program will work for me?

While everyone loves a guarantee, there are too many variables that rest on the recovery process. For example, are you following our recommendations, are you taking your supplements as prescribed, are you missing them on daily basis, have you made the lifestyle changes that we recommend, etc. While, we can’t guarantee that this program will fix all of your problems, but we have had amazing results so far with the patients who have worked with us and have followed our recommendations. Success is in your hands.

Will insurance cover this?

No, this program is not covered under insurance plans. ​Flex spending and health savings accounts can be used.

What if I live in a different Country? 

No problem. We have created this program for people who live out of state or out of country. We have had success treating patients from across the world ranking from the Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and everywhere in between.

​What if I have more questions?

If you have further questions about how to get started please email our office here: [email protected]

How can I get started?​

Click the link below to purchase your 1-on-1 Health coaching and Nutrition program. After purchasing you will receive both an email and a phone call with further instructions. ​

How Long Does It Take To Get My Tests done?

After purchasing your 1-on-1 Health and Nutritional Program, our office will place the order with the various labs and complete paperwork and mail out the tests. This process takes 5-7 days. The testing is a combination of blood and urine.

Once you receive the test kits, you will now need to have your blood drawn at a local Quest laboratories. Once you complete all tests, it will take 2-4 weeks before we have received all test results and test results have been reviewed by Dr Hagmeyer. Rest assured we are eager to get you started.

Functional Health & Nutrition Coaching Program

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