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SIBO- Everything You Wanted To Know About Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
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Are You Tired of Suffering from Embarrassing Diarrhea or Gas, Belching, Bloating And Painful Distention, Bad Breath, Skin Conditions, Anxiety And Depression…

If you’re like Most of my patients who suffer with these conditions you’ve probably been told by your Gastroenterologist:

green checkEat more Grains

green checkTake These Antibiotics

green checkEat more Fiber

green checkTake Rifaximin and Erythromycin

green checkFollow a Low FODMAP diet or Elemental Diet

green checkTake These Probiotics

GOOD LUCK- Most of these suggestions will either make your condition worse or not even come close to fixing your problem in the long run! Some of the advice that you will find on facebook groups or by “health bloggers” is like the blind leading the blind. I see some of the worst information and treatment recommendations being suggested, it is no wonder why many patients continue to get sicker. This is the reason I created this SIBO video series –

What is SIBO Exactly?

If you are here and never heard of SIBO- simply put, it is where bacteria and microorganisms that usually live in the colon (the lower gut) somehow takes up residence and grow in your small intestine (the upper gut).  They then have a party on any fermentable food that comes along, give off gases, predominantly hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) and you look like you swallowed a balloon with enormous bloating. The bacteria involved are normally gram-negative types including proteus, enterobacter or Klebsiella, to name a few.

Get My Free Guide on SIBO


The Missing Piece in Treating SIBO- Prokinetics 1


Here’s What You Will Learn In My Free Guide and Video Series That Covers Everything You Need to Know About SIBO:

green checkWhat causes SIBO.

green checkHow to “Release” the IC valve using self massage.

green checkThe Best Diet to Follow When you Suspect SIBO.

green checkThe 4 most common mistakes made on a Low FODMAP diet.

green checkWhy SIBO is difficult to treat.- (This is a two part series loaded with the reasons why treatment fails)

green checkNutritional deficiencies and consequences of a SIBO and Low FODMAP diet.

green checkSIBO and Thyroid Disease-Why Low Thyroid and Thyroid Medication Causes SIBO

green checkSIBO and “The PILL”

green checkWhy SIBO treatments fail most of the time- (hint it’s more than following a FODMAP diet)

green checkBiofilms and why they are needed in the treatment of SIBO.

green checkPreventing SIBO with Prokinetics.

green checkWhy some people feel worse when They take Probiotics.

green checkSome of the most common Gums To Avoid if You have SIBO/IBS.

green checkThe best kind of probiotics to take when you have SIBO.

green checkThe Most common Nutritional Deficiencies we see on SIBO and Low FODMAP diet.

green checkGlucose Breath tests vs Lactulose breath tests- pros and cons of each.

green checkHow to understand Breath Testing.

green checkIleocecal valve and why it’s Important for SIBO and IBS sufferers.

green checkThe Migrating Motor Complex.

Strap yourself in.. most cases of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth are a BEAST to treat.

Antibiotics are NOT the answer.

The more you or your Functional Medicine doctor know about SIBO, the Greater your chances are for a Successful treatment outcome.

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